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Selecting a Suzuki Teacher

When choosing a teacher from the list of accredited Suzuki teachers, it is recommended that you arrange to observe some lessons to see the Suzuki Method in action and to see if the teacher's style suits you.

Fees are set by each individual teacher.

You will be required to purchase an instrument suitable for your child’s needs. It is very important to consult your child's potential teacher for professional advice regarding the size and quality of your child's first instrument.

Teacher Accreditation

Entry to teacher training is by audition, interview, and basic training. The Suzuki Teacher Training course is designed for advanced students and practising teachers. It provides a series of units of study leading to an accreditation certificate in Suzuki Talent Education from the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia.

The teaching levels listed next to the teachers on the 'find a Suzuki teacher' page are:

  • Acceptance - trainee Suzuki teacher
  • Primary level accredited Suzuki teacher
  • Intermediate level accredited Suzuki teacher
  • Advanced level accredited Suzuki teacher
  • Advanced TT - Teacher Trainer

A Suzuki teacher, who has Advanced level accreditation, and has shown over a period of time a high level of personal service to the Association together with an in-depth level of understanding of the Suzuki Talent Education's philosophy and methodology of teaching, may be appointed as a Teacher Trainer by the Pan Pacific Suzuki Association to mentor and monitor teachers as they proceed through the levels of teacher accreditation.

The Board of Teacher Trainers is responsible for regulating the professional development process.


Find a Suzuki Teacher

Select an instrument to find a teacher in your area:


Teacher Training Course

If you are interested in becoming a Suzuki Teacher and would like more information, please contact the Suzuki office to register your interest.

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