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Spring 2018

Fee Structure:

Item & Category

2 Days

SUZUKI STUDENT Book 1 and above, 5 sessions per day


YOUNG SUZUKI STUDENT 8yo and under who is Book 1-2, 4 sessions per day


TWINKLER 6yo and under, early Book 1, 2 tutorials + 1 parent talk + all day observation each day.


EARLY CHILDHOOD Under 5yo not yet playing an instrument, 1 session + 1 parent talk + all day observation each day


PRIVATE LESSON ADD-ON 25mins for advanced Suzuki students (subject to availability). ONLY for Violin, Piano, Cello. Students must be attending both days of Spring Festival.


NOTE that you MUST be a current Suzuki member to attend. If you need to pay your 2018 membership, please click here (link opens in a new tab). Please DON’T simply add the membership fee to your Spring Festival payment, as we will have trouble working out what you are paying for!

NOTE that payment is required at time of registration. Your fee total is calculated automatically, and when you submit your registration you will be forwarded to the payment system.

Registration Form

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Student Details

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Last Piece Memorized

*Informal Concert Piece

Accompanist Required?

* Suzuki Students - Informal Concerts:
Timetable permitting, all piano students and string students who are registered in the category ‘Suzuki Student’ should come prepared to perform in an informal concert. (This piece must be to memory and of appropriate standard.)

If you have more than 3 children to register, simply register and pay twice as calculated. Your parent details will be remembered between registrations.

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Credit Card / PayPal

Direct Deposit to STEAAQ Account (details on Payment page)

(Note that the $50 late fee now applies)

You will receive confirmation of your registration by email to the address you entered in the details above.

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