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This page contains a number of guides and presentations that parents and teachers may find useful.

Note that each download is © copyright of its respective author, and may not be reused for any purpose without their express permission.

Practicing - The Art Of Repetition
A slideshow guide to the value and techniques of practicing, by Amanda Just.

17 Slides

PDF Download

Performance - Set Yourself Up For Success
How to succeed on stage! A slideshow guide by Amanda Just.

47 Slides

PDF Download

Revision - Many Ways, One Goal
Why do teachers insist on revision? Amanda Just discusses how it works in an informative slideshow.

20 Slides

PDF Download

Practicing Booklet
A complete guide to practice, by Amanda Just.

21 pages

PDF Download

Practicing Tips Handout
The basic rules for successful practice, by Amanda Just

2 slides

PDF Download

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