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This site, like most modern websites, relies on Javascript for automation and submission of forms. Note that this is NOT the add-on ‘Java’ execution engine by Oracle, which is disabled on many platforms these days due to security risks. Javascript is built into most modern web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc.

If the box below contains no text, then Javascript is not working in your browser:

If you do NOT see ‘Javascript is WORKING’ in the box above, then please try a different web browser or computer, or enable Javascript in your browser options.

If you do see that text in the box, then the form functionality should work.

Note that small square option boxes are tick boxes. Click to tick the box and click again to untick it.

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Small round buttons are radio buttons. Click one to select that option, click the other to select the second option and deselect the first

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If, after verifying that you have Javascript working and you are familiar with the form controls described above, you still have problems completing and submitting the form, please DON’T contact the Suzuki office. Please instead email webmaster@suzukimusicqld.com.au and advise the following:

  1. What browser (Firefox, Safari etc) and operating system (Windows 10, Android etc) are you using?
  2. What did you try, and what response (an error message?) did you get? Note that “It wouldn’t let me” is not a response - WHY do you feel it won’t let you?
  3. What results did you see on this page?
  4. Screenshots showing the problem you are experiencing will always help.


We will do our best to help you, if you can help us by providing the above information. The site is fully tested on Windows 10 and Android, using several different browsers. But we can’t test all combinations of computers and browsers, or interactions with whatever security software you may have installed.

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