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The following information is designed to inform interested parties about a career as a Suzuki teacher. The Suzuki Method of teaching is a specialized field and on going teacher training is essential.

For general information on the philosophy of the Suzuki Method, please click here.

The applicant should be aware that there needs to be.

  • genuine interest in and affection for children.
  • a capacity to work successfully with children and their parents.
  • an ability to work with colleagues in a noncompetitive environment.
  • an understanding for continued study and self-improvement.
  • a commitment to the State association and a willingness to be involved in association affairs.

There will be an initial interview with a Suzuki teacher trainer who will answer your questions and explain the ongoing professional development requirements.

Please note:
There is a minimum entry age of 18 years.

After the initial interview the applicant will be required to perform a prescribed piece or pieces of music and if successful will be issued with a training manual and assigned a teacher trainer who will supervise ongoing training and encourage you.

Once the required annual membership fee is paid, the applicants name will then be added to the Suzuki teacher register and the Suzuki web teacher register.


There are three levels of accreditation:

Primary, Intermediate and Advanced

Each level of accreditation requires completion before moving on to the next level. A certificate of completion is issued on the completion of each level.

Units in all three levels of accreditation include.

  • the performance requirements for each level.
  • a written paper.
  • studio observations of other Suzuki teachers.
  • private lessons.
  • presentation of a group lesson.
  • presentation of three students in a performance of works taught during the year.
  • attendance at Major teacher sessions and Professional development workshops held during the year.

Prior to primary accreditation there are three levels of entry to the program.

  • Observer
  • Student
  • Pre primary

An observer is a teacher or parent who is not yet a member of the association but who is interested. They are entitled to attend and pay an observer fee for two days observance.

A student is a teacher over 18 years who has played for acceptance and is on the teacher register and currently working towards primary level.

Initial and essential reading:
“Nurtured by Love”
By Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

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